How To Earn Rewards

Reward points

Everyone loves to be rewarded! Here we bring to you our rewards program which will take your overall experience with this website to the next level. You will enjoy your jorney throughout using this website while you get rewarded for various activities that you perform.

By earning reward points, you get access to the privileged features such as vote history and much more.

200 points on Registration

Registering was never so easy and quick! Register yourself in just 30 seconds and earn 200 points.

500 points on Participation

Participate in a contest of your choice and earn 500 points. You can browse through all the ongoing contests and participate in one or all in which you are interested.

Not only this, if you are looking for a specific contest that is not yet listed, please contact us to suggest the same and we will try our best to come up with that contest.

2500 points on Winning

Along with the exciting prizes, earn additional 2500 reward points when you win a contest. More you participate and share, more are the chances that you win a contest.

100 points on Referring

You earn 100 points when you refer a friend and they sign up. More you share, more you get! Also, your chances of winning are increased as you share more.

100 points on Verifying your Email

Having authentic information is always preferred! Verify your email and earn 100 points. We promise that we will never spam you! If you don't add a valid email, you may miss an important communication, like notification about you winning a contest.

Moreover, having a verified email enables you to recover your password in case you are not able to remember it at any time.

100 points on Verifying your Phone

Verify your phone and earn 100 points. Remember our promise that we will never spam you! Having a verified phone number enables you to recover your password in case you are not able to remember it at any time.

10 points on Voting

Voting was never so rewarding! You will earn 10 points when you vote for any contest participation. Keep voting and keep earning rewards.