My Lockdown Story

My Lockdown Story

My Lockdown Story

Contest Ended

About the Contest

The My Lockdown Story was started on 30-Mar-2020 and ended on 30-Apr-2020. This contest has witnessed a big competition during these 31 days! The winner has won by a margin of 645 votes, and there was a difference of 146 votes between the first and the second runner up. Scroll down to see the winners and the detailed results of the contest.

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Contest Rules

  1. This contest is applicable for participants in India
  2. This contest aims to share your creativity and bust fatigue during the lockdown time
  3. Upload a photo of whatever you are doing during this home quarantine
  4. It may be drawing, painting, rangoli, cooking, photography, home decor, any other art and craft, or even may be poetry
  5. Share your participation with people so that they vote for you
  6. An entry with maximum votes will win the contest
  7. One user can participate only once in a contest
  8. You can vote multiple times for your entry (once in 30 minutes)
  9. Make sure you have a valid email/phone updated in your profile so that we can contact you if you win
  10. All the participants will abide by the final results
  11. This contest is applicable for participants in India
  12. We reserve all the rights to terminate a participant's entry if it is not found per the contest rules
  13. By participating in the contest, you agree to the Terms of Use


  1. 2500 Reward Points + Contester e-Certificate
  2. 1500 Reward Points + Contester e-Certificate
  3. 500 Reward Points + Contester e-Certificate
  4. Top 10 entries get a Contester e-Certificate

Winners of the Contest

Top 12 Participants

Rank Participant Relative Score  
1 Shrestha Sharma 100
2 Adwaith.s.r 22.75
3 Ray Angela Justin 5.27
4 Vivaan Sawant 1.44
5 Ananya Aloke 1.08
6 Ankit Jyala 0.96
7 BanditA Barthakur pathak 0.84
8 Tasmeishree Ratha 0.6
9 R. Mahathi 0.24
9 Kshitij Sharma 0.24
9 Shikha 0.24
10 K.M.Kaniraj 0.12
Relative score is the score on a scale with highest vote count considered as 100

Participations for My Lockdown Story